Installing internal timber screens to your home’s interior design is a smart decision, as they provide your property with a distinct aesthetic look while still offering numerous functional benefits. In addition, these construction materials can also be a great addition to your office as they are sustainable, lightweight, and cheap to build.

Curious how you can incorporate it into your workplace? To inspire you, here are 7 internal timber screen designs for your office.

7 Ways to Use Internal Timber Screen Designs for your Office

  1. Enhance the Elevator Lobby

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Enhance the company’s elevator lobby area by installing bamboo cladding on the walls.

Not only will the employees love its refreshing look, but the guests will also appreciate the unique design of the timber material once they step out of the elevator.

  1. Create the Ideal Reception Area

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Installing internal timber screens is a creative way to create a semi-open partition for the office without closing off the available space. As such, these versatile screens are ideal for receptions and waiting areas.

Internal timber screening can create a sense of spaciousness within the office without closing in the available public space thus making it a friendly working environment. The new visitors at your company will definitely love the airy interior, as they can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Tip: Add plush furniture to ultimately enhance the visitor experience.

  1. Upgrade the Meeting Room

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Installing internal timber screens is a great way to enhance the look of the office meeting room and create a pleasant environment for meetings.

This type of screening can add interest to plain, white walls and can even create a sense of calm, since timber screens are an organic construction material and create an important connection with the natural environment.

Ultimately, the installation of timber screens in your office’s meeting rooms can make the employees feel at home.

  1. Soundproof Private Rooms

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Timber has natural acoustic properties and can absorb sound waves. While timber is not the perfect sound insulator because of its light density, it can still enhance the sound produced inside a room and prevent echoes.

Therefore, if you’re holding a more intimate business meeting, you can count on timber screens to soundproof a private room.

  1. Separate Different Work Areas

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Using internal timber screens is a great solution to create open office areas. This is because internal timber screening can still provide enough privacy without constricting the available workspace within the office.

Dividing the area with airy timber screens also leaves enough shared space to allow employees to easily engage and collaborate with their workmates. Furthermore, it adds a sophisticated and sleek look it adds to the work area, making it aesthetically more effective and a more pleasant environment to work in.

  1. Spice Up The Pantry Area

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Whether you work in a startup or a big company, there should always be a pantry area where employees can find food. And while this area is probably the most hidden space in the office, you should still pay attention to it as it’s where everyone gathers and eat.

So if you want to spice up your office pantry, forget about plain walls and ceilings and switch to timber screens. It can instantly transform the look of your office pantry and allow employees to enjoy refreshing views while eating their food. It can also inspire them to strike a conversation with a fellow workmate. After all, eating food together can build harmonious relationships.

Did You Know? According to numerous studies, eating together make people choose healthier food which makes weight control easier.

  1. Build a Relaxing Nook

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Every employee needs some time off from all the woes and pressure work can bring. As such, it’s a must to have a nook in the office where a particularly stressed-out person can relax and unwind.

Timber screens are a sleek and stylish solution to build a relaxing nook in the office. It has a distinct and revitalizing look that allows employees to feel comfortable and escape the daily grind of work.

These internal timber screen designs prove that these lightweight and sustainable materials can also be used for your office. They are a great addition to the workplace as they add a unique design while still providing many practical uses.

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