Did you know that your sewage disposal system contains nasty odours and even dangerous chemicals? A plumbing trap is a barrier used in your plumbing system to help protect you from the risk. The traps are usually between the plumbing fixture and sewage waste system.

Sewage disposal starts in the shower, bath, and toilet. It then flows through the disposal stage, helping make sure the waste doesn’t overflow. Gases in sewage systems include methane, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide. This is why every plumbing fixture should have a trap to evacuate waste.

Plumbing Traps

To be more specific, plumbing traps are a device that keeps a small amount of liquid when the fixture is used. The liquid I called a trap seal and prevents any odors, gases, and even vermin from escaping into the living space or workspace.

There are some codes in place that prohibit certain traps like a bell trap, running trap, full s trap, and a drum trap.

P Traps

P traps are the best to use. They are the right size for most homes and trap debris that has drained from the sink. This helps prevent deep clogs and also stop sewer gases from entering your home.

Deep Seal P Traps

Deep seal P traps are great for floor drains in remote locations like warehouses. They are larger and tougher to fit in refined spaces, so they don’t work best with standard fixtures.

These traps hold more liquid, so the seal won’t evaporate quickly. They have a much greater capacity for resealing and are much larger than traditional traps.

Compromised Traps

There are some cases that pop-up where a trap could be compromised.

Back Pressure

Sometimes water pressure can actually pull a trap into the fixtures. This is when water will then enter your home or building. When a large amount of waste enters your drainage system, the water will then push air in front of it. Without proper ventilation, it could remove the trap.

Wind Effect

A windy day can also cause issues with the traps inside your home. Strong winds could end up causing the water to rise and fall inside the trap. Big fluctuations could cause a small amount of the trap seal to spill into the waste system. This will then compromise your trap.


The most common way to compromise a trap is when the water in the trap evaporates when not in use for over a week. This usually impacts laundry room floor drains, and fixtures in homes that aren’t used often.

Working with a Professional Plumber

Plumbing traps can be confusing, but they are there for an important purpose. If you ever have any questions or think you have issues with your plumbing traps, you should consult with a professional plumber in Scottsdale.

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