At any point in time, you may have considered investing in safety measures for your home or business. It might be after a series of burglaries in your area, increases in crime on the news, or a feeling that you may someday become a target. Whatever your reasoning for looking at new security measures, you will be pleased to know there are many different options.

Once you decide that you want to protect your family or business in the best way possible, it’s then an excellent idea to consult a security door expert. They can offer you helpful information on options such as the following.

Solid Steel Doors

Solid steel doors would have to be one of the most effective methods for warding off would-be burglars and stopping unlawful entry. Whether you have an industrial warehouse, a stock room, or a premise that requires the best protection, solid steel doors are the answer. There are several reasons why people prefer these over standard external doors.

The first standout feature is the various locking options. Not only do you get the security of the solid steel itself, but from code locks, deadbolts, and even hinge protection pins. Once an expert installs a solid steel door with all the bells and whistles, it’s almost impossible for someone to gain entry unlawfully.

Depending on where you get your steel door, you also get to benefit from hinges that you can’t force off, compatibility with timber and blockwork frames, and customising options to suit your building. All doors, depending on the manufacturer, are also fit to handle New Zealand conditions, with corrosion-proofing for a long-lasting finish.

The best part about solid steel doors, apart from the peace of mind on offer, is how they come with insurance approval and recommendations. Your insurance premiums are bound to be noticeably different once your provider knows the lengths you go to protect your business or premises.

Steel Bar Doors

Sometimes, a solid steel door might seem like it’s a little on the extreme side. However, when you know that shoplifting and burglary cost retail stores over $800 million in 2017, you know you have to do something at least. That ‘something’ might be a steel bar door installation.

Steel bar doors can be both a deterrent and a barrier against forced entry. They are welded, hot-dipped for galvanisation, and are available as both pedestrian doors and driveway gates. What’s more, even though steel bar doors can look anything but discrete, they end up looking like part of the environment. They can form part of a retail entrance, only coming into view once the shopkeeper shuts up shop for the night.

Steel Mesh Doors

Steel mesh doors are yet another way in which protect your home or business. They feature robust steel, full welding, and the mesh is not easy to cut either. What’s more, the sizing of the mesh makes it impossible to pass goods through – making it safer to use as protection for your storefront.

Steel mesh doors are also excellent options for if you want to protect a front door without making changes to that door. You can create a cage-like frame that adds another layer of protection where you need it the most. If you think mesh doors could be an excellent option for you, there are plenty of security door providers who can customise them to suit your premises.

Roller Guards

If you’ve been trying to make it clear where your business customers can and can’t go on your site, then make it even more explicit with rollerguards. Rollerguards are not as effective as solid steel doors for security, but they act as a deterrent for entering an area.

They are more secure than aluminium barriers, swivel to clear doorways, and have a firm diamond shape. What’s more, they are often more affordable and more comfortable to install than some solid steel doors.The most common usage for rollerguards is in shopping centres, airports, and warehouses.

Steel Door Sheets

How safe is your business entry door? Are you happy with how it looks and stands out, but not with how strong it is? Most burglars will kick open a door with no problems at all, which means you may be vulnerable for the same thing to happen to you. Act before they do by considering steel door sheets.

Steel sheets go over the top of your vulnerable doors, adding another layer of protection. Security door experts will cut the steel to size, bolt it down, and cut out locks so everything fits perfectly. You can then add anti-jemmy strips for additional protection, or security pins to stop hinge prying from allowing a burglar to gain entry.


Naivety can cost the average business owner thousands of dollars. Rather than think that unlawful entry won’t happen to you, prepare for it and hope it never does. There are several ways to strengthen the access points to your business, so there’s no harm in finding out more about these options above.

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