Are you planning to have your home undergo renovation and remodelling? If so then you would certainly be in need of a residential interior designer to help realize your desired appearance. From the creating of renderings to flesh out the details of your space to the sourcing of relevant materials and furnishings, your interior designer will be a critical partner in creating your home.

Yet, there are a large number of interior design firms and freelancers in Singapore. How then can you confidently select the right Singapore interior design firm for your home’s remodelling? In this article, we will be covering a few critical qualities that most good interior designers share in common.

Tried and Tested Portfolio

An interior designer with an excellent accomplishments will have a collection of finished projects and works available for viewing available either by means of their business website or on demand.

It is important to evaluate an interior designers past record prior to advancing with any type of transactions. A portfolio features the best projects of the interior designer, you should take this opening to analyse the portfolio to establish if they are providing a layout style and service that suits you. This will additionally reassure you that the interior designer you will be engaging is professionally established and credible.

Ability to be on the same page

Good interior designers not only comprehend a customer’s needs in the here and now, they are likewise able to foresee what the customer might require in the future.

This can include integrating materials and furniture that are resilient and proposing a flexible design that can suit changes in the future.

As such, they will be able to create a timeless layout that can last you a lifetime, that is till you decide it is time for another upgrade.


A good interior designer ought to have an eye for detail. For an interior design to work, all aspects within the design have to match one another.

Some factors that an interior designer needs to pay attention to involve the colour scheme of the space, the type of decorations, the style of furniture and so on.

Designers can additionally help customers’ add in little touches that they wish to have in their rooms that can display their personalities in their residences or personal offices and likewise improving a solid brand presence in a firm workplace.

Picking the Right Interior Designer for your Area

When choosing an interior designer, you should request for their portfolio and past tasks. This will offer you a strong sense of their design principles, creative approach and abilities. We recommend matching these across to exactly how you imagine your area to be visually, spatially and functionally. For more information, you can always quiz the designer on their option of product, finish, shapes, tones and more.

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