Petrified wood furniture isn’t just stunning — it’s unique. Due to the process of fossilization, it is impossible to have two identical parts.

However, when looking to bring petrified wood products to your home, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind:

Petrified wood is made of petrified wood. It is formed when plant species are buried and protected by sediment from possible decay due to organisms and oxygen. Furthermore, the groundwater abundant in dissolved solids flows into the soil, replacing the original plant content with pyrite, calcite, silica or other inorganic gems such as opal.

Similar to the way you pick any decor, colour plays a major role. Petrified wood has a wide range of colours, influenced by the sediments in which it has been fossilized. Common colours are chocolate black, pearl Gray, or beige, but some can also be found in vibrant reds and oranges. Brighter colours have a higher value as well.

The most beautiful part of buying a petrified product( Petrified wood Coffee Table, Console Table etc) is that no matter what you bring around, you know you have a piece of history. Shaped in volcanic ash and made for thousands of years, it has a story worth imagining.

Although the veneers themselves are definitely distinctive, the attention to detail that only a human hand can bring makes them look extra real. From cutting each slab to polishing and buffing into a mirror-like shine craftsman can take days to create each table — however, when it’s done, you’ve got a one-of-a-kind piece with a tale of its own.

There has to be a reason to pay attention to the geography class. Learning about various factors such as forest type, surrounding minerals, heat, and time spent underground will determine the wood’s appearance and strength. For e.g., the marble tops in the Arhaus Petra collection come in contrasting golden mineral streaks and veins as a result.

How to maintain petrified wood furniture

The first thing to know is that chemicals are going to ruin your petrified wood, so you don’t ever use them.

When the wood is just a little dirty, and you clean it frequently, use just warm water – make sure it’s not hot – and gently rub the surface with a soft piece of microfiber or smooth cotton. Any other materials with higher abrasiveness could destroy the petrified wood. Avoid the Bruss on its surface.

The fewer goods you use, the better they are.

If only water doesn’t do the trick, use a normal, neutral ph-cleaner like a gentle hand wash or apple cider vinegar that effectively eliminates stains.

For any cleaner you intend to use, first try it in a corner or a small area but be careful it doesn’t ruin the surface.

Gas, wine, and coffee continue to enter the wood and leave stains that are difficult to remove, so make sure you clean them off right away.

Powerful and regular sunlight tends to diminish the black color of the wood over time, making the darker parts more appropriate for indoor use.

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