A closed-circuit TV is a drain camera that performs full pipe and drain inspections. If the CCTV isn’t used, you’re likely to have problems with areas missed in the assessment and thus may lead to damage. With this system, you’re able to tell what is happening in the plumbing system and therefore no guesswork in repairing a blocked or broken pipe.

How it works

A high definition and waterproof camera is installed at the end of the cable and pushed down the drainage system. It mirrors what is inside the system by displaying a live image, and the expert can therefore carry out their inspection. After identifying the issue, then a solution can be found. For instance, in case there’s a blockage on a course of action, then high pressure is used to remove it. Or if there’s a crack, that can be sealed with pipe relining.

In a case where the damage is beyond repair, the replacement of the system can be recommended.

Benefits of CCTV Drain surveys

Technology has transformed the way of doing things, and the drainage system is not an exception. Previously, metal pipes have been used in the drainage system, but PVC is currently the norm. Once there was a problem with the system in the past, a plumber would be called and make repairs and often would turn out to be ineffective.

CCTV survey equipment’s invention came to bring precision in the industry, and now a technician can identify the problem and give a solution in the most disruptive way possible.

What is CCTV drain equipment?

When dealing with drainage systems maintenance, you’ll hear a lot about CCTV drain survey equipment. The equipment is not as complicated as it sounds- it’s just a simple process. It involves apparatus in high definition camera fixed by a flexible wire at the end of a sturdy. This is guided through the pipes, and therefore you can see in detail the obstructions and all that is in the system.

Why CCTV cameras?

Using experience and vast knowledge in the industry, an expert diagnoses the problems after an investigation. The tell-tale signs will tell you when there are issues with the system in a particular place. For instance, a damp in a specific location could indicate a clog nearby, sunken ground along the pipe-way could indicate a collapsed pipe.

However, with the physical checks, you only identify a problem when it’s already become obvious and has caused lots of damage. Using CCTV cameras, the expert can see what happens inside the pipe, obstructions and damages, no matter how negligible they are. The CCTV camera is used to investigate without the need to venture inside, discover clogs and blockages and take timely measures.

What do you do?

When looking for a drainage professional for Drains blocked Brisbane, you must get a company with a qualified team that uses the latest technology and conversant with a CCTV drain system. Different companies will offer their services at a cost but don’t fall for the cheap; go for quality services and not cost.

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