Are you planning a move and wondering how to manage your items? Like most people, you’ve likely got a ton of extra stuff around the house. Moving with bulky cabinets and closest can be stressful, and it’s worse if you no longer need them. As such, you need to sort our items and dispose of what you don’t need. However, how you handle unwanted items is different from your usual cleaning routine.

Here are steps to guide you:

1. Pack in advance

Planning allows you to get organized and gives you ample time to sort your items. Set enough time, at least two weeks before moving day, and start packing your items. Dealing with clutter in smaller chunks is easier and will help you categorize your things accordingly.

This way, you won’t be tempted to throw in everything in your boxes and move with it. Get quotes from the many Wisconsin movers available, and compare the prices. Moreover, choose the right moving company and make early bookings to avoid the last-minute rush.

2. Put your items in different categories.

Categorizing all of your belongings can help significantly. These include shoes, books, clothes, and many other accessories. Categorize them to make the decluttering process more manageable. For instance, gather all your shoes from your shoe rack and any other place. Put aside what you don’t need, and only keep what you require. Do this for all the categories of the things in your home. Remember to do this per the type of items and not by room.

3. Start with bulky items.

Even if you don’t sort all your light items, it will be easy to get through with such. But, you’ll spend a lot more on heavy objects if you don’t dispose of the unwanted items. Therefore, begin with bulky items, like furniture, kitchen appliances, and lawn equipment.

Doing this will save you a lot on moving expenses. If you’re the kind of person who loves holding on to personal items, seek help from a loved one or friend. They will motivate you to do away with the things you won’t need in our new place.

4. Pack your clutter accordingly

Make different garbage piles and have enough disposal bags. For each category of items, have three boxes. Use one for the items you want to throw away, and another for things you’ll donate. Use the last box for the items that you’ll need to sell.

 As you pack, throw the items in each of the boxes accordingly. Note down all the donation items for tax purposes. If you have some things that you wish to sell, take photos, and post them online. Pack appropriately and only keep what you require.

The bottom line

Decluttering for a move can be tedious and time-consuming; it will save you a lot of money and make your trip less stressful. Start early enough and request a few friends to help you out. Shun the temptation of packing what you no longer need. This will add to your luggage and cost even you more. Besides, it doesn’t cost you anything to donate to the less fortunate.

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