Mondo Grass Care Tips

You must be aware of the Mondo grass which is also called Monkey grass? This is an evergreen perennial plant that makes a grand cover for a garden. This stands alone over the grass like a plant. The plants perform very well in almost lightning and soil conditions.  The slow-growing plant that has an easily propagated division requires minimal care that once was established. A true and amazing landscape of this plant comes up with a multitude of uses. This is well worthy of a garden time experience as well as it will teach you about some important gardening tips. All you need is to do about this Mondo grass is the way that can get this plant to grow in your locality.

Requires plenty of moisture

There are numerous uses of this plant. The Mondo Grass can tolerate almost anything that includes deer but it fails due to lack of adequate moisture. Before we plunge into the process of its growth, we need to make sure that we know about the Mondo grass and collect information in details.

It is very easy to grow Mondo grass. This plant is able to withstand the neglect of a particular region. This region requires plentiful moisture which is naturally available. Once it was established, you can pretty forget about the plant which is worthy of knowing for the medicinal value.

Adds to the seasonal beauty

 The presence of the Mondo Grass is also about adding the seasonal beauty. Have you ever imagined about the fairy tussocks that can go down to fairyland size? Yes you can envision the grass with the size of this small plant. The size goes upto 6 to 20 inches tall that is about 15 to 20 cms in length. This has a clumping or a moulding of nature depending upon variety.

The scientific name of Mondo grass is Ophiogon Japonicus. This refers to the plant’s native origin.  In the summertime, the grass brightens up the area that holds on to the lavender and the white flowers developing into glossy black fruit. You need to know about soil mite to keep your garden soil in good condition.

Weather conditions responsible for grass

Therefore it is not actually a true grass that infact is something that has strappy leaves and a clumping habit. Due to the factors it has made Mondo grass one of the preferable plants in the home décor. The Mondo grass supports various weather conditions.

The components of the Mondo grass is derived from Latin words that stands for snake and beard. The reference is also done to the spiky flowers. The lawn works as a substitute in shady area to partial sunny locations. Mondo grass acts as great alternative of sod. This kind of grass needs mowing.

Location preferable for soil conditioning

The spread of the Mondo grass is done by stolons and the undergrounded stems. It can slowly form the dense colonies all stuck up in one place but surrounding your home. The leaves are about ½ inch wide. It is 1.3 cm and now it can variegate even glossy green texture.

Plants are light green in full sun but deeper green in shade. The location works well provided the soil has the system of good draining of well. It is free of competition and weeds. There are changes of the sections which separate into several stolons. Remember to plant 4 to 12 inches of the plant in the area you are using to plant.

Expert recommendation

The dwarf Mondo grass should be planted about 2 to 4 inches which constitutes about 5 to 10 cms apart from each other. This grass requires very less level of fertilization. This is in fact subjected to sufficient and diluted feed of grass that seems enough. This information about this grass should be properly executed.

Snails and slugs may be a common problem just like scaling. Avoid keeping the soil filled with water infact you should keep the soil moderate and moist is essential during establishment. Experts recommend using the shady areas for the growth of this grass.

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