Most regions in the world go through the four major seasons; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season experiences a different temperament. Summer records the hottest and winter the coldest. Extreme weather conditions can sometimes make us uncomfortable in our homes, and that is where an air conditioning system will come in handy. And with companies such as aircon services in Singapore, or elsewhere, you can get the best air conditioning system installed. This ensures that you are comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Now you are able to enjoy a cool breeze in your own home in the hot weather outside and a warm ambiance during the cold season.

Below are some of the types of the home and office air conditioning systems available today.

  1. Room Air Conditioners

Such types of air conditioning systems are sized to cool just one room. Therefore, if you are to install one in your house, you would need one for each room. For this reason, such systems are not practical for home use but are appropriate for hotels, warehouse, or office use. Room air conditioners are available for mounting through walls or on windows with the compressor part mounted on the outside. These type of coolers are remote-controlled from any part within the room. They range from different sizes and types, from manually operated to the automatic models.

  1. Ductless, Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Like room air conditioners, these systems also have an outdoor condenser with an indoor handling unit. These systems can consist of different units in different rooms, all connected to the outdoor unit. Therefore they are appropriate to be installed in houses, offices as well as offices. Each unit comes inbuilt with its thermostat, allowing you to adjust the temperature in each room to your liking. Meaning the kitchen can be at 20 degrees while your bedroom is at 25 degrees.

  1. Portable Air Conditioner

This type of air conditioning unit takes in the air directly from the room, cools or warm it, then directs it back into the room. It works in a cycle. In case it is set to cool the room, it vents out the warm air outside via an exhaust hose mostly installed on the window. Such systems are only able to service one room per unit. They are easy to install, very versatile, and pocket-friendly units.

  1. Hybrid Air Conditioners

Just as the name suggests, these air conditioning systems alternate between using electricity and burning fossil fuels. The system is set in a way that it gets to automatically alternate between the two sources of energy in order to save energy and money. During the summer season, the pump pulls heat from within the home and distributes it to the outside, and during winter the reverse happens.

  1. Central Air Conditioning

Of all the different types of air conditioning systems, this is the most preferred home, factory, and office air conditioning system. It consists of separate units all connected to a universal controller. The individual conditioners circulate fresh air through supply and return ducts installed within the walls or floors. It works in a cycle where the warm air is moved through the pipes; it is cooled as it moves through the walls or floors, then it is transported back to the air conditioner later released into the room. Their installation is a bit more complicated than the systems mentioned above. They require a bit of engineering knowledge as a small mishap in choosing a small unit; for example, the system will not work at its best convenience.

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