Irrigation is a critical component of farming that brings water to the crop in an efficient and timely manner. Whenever there is a lack of rainfall, irrigation becomes crucial for farmers. This not only helps the plants grow but maintains the landscape for longer periods of time. This is because it aids the soil in drier areas.

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Types of Irrigation

There are many different types of irrigation systems including surface, drip, manual, center pivot, and sprinkler systems. All of these systems are used to distribute water uniformly throughout the field.

Surface – surface irrigation is one of the oldest methods of irrigation. This system allows water to flow across a given surface, feeding the soil and the plants. Through this method, the ground becomes moist and fertile.

Drip – Drip irrigation is a very efficient method of irrigation. Drip methods water plants individually by running hoses through the field that have holes poked throughout to water the plants.

Sprinkler – Sprinkler irrigation uses a high-pressure system that shoots water over large distances. In this method, water levels are easier to control so it is popular among farmers.

Manual – Manual irrigation is used most commonly at home for lawns and gardens; best for small scale operations. Although typically hoses are used for this, water cans and buckets are common tools as well.

Center pivot – the center pivot system is very similar to the sprinkler system, however, the sprinklers are mounted on a large apparatus that’s grounded at one end and has a wheel on the other. This allows it to move in a circular motion.


A consistent water supply is critical to the growth of plants. If there is any sort of drought, crops won’t receive the necessary amount of water. This is when irrigation is so important.

Irrigation is the backbone of a country’s well being by maintaining a constant supply of food for its citizens.

Hydroelectricity can also be extracted from an irrigation system. It can even act as a form of communication.

Increasing farms’ productivity will also increase the well being of farmers directly. It can improve groundwater storage, an important factor for supplying wells and maintaining the local ecology.

Thanks to irrigation systems, farmers are able to grow certain cash crops like tobacco, sugarcane, potatoes, and more. They can increase their margins through these crops.


Leaking water and overirrigation can create unwanted build ups and ponds. This attracts bugs and mosquitoes, contributing to the spread of disease.

Many of the high-quality irrigation systems are not cheap and farmers have to pay hefty sums to install them.

Proper drainage systems are also an issue as irrigation water can carry fertilizer and toxic pesticides into adjacent areas.

Agriculture is such an important part of human civilization as a whole. Irrigation systems make up a huge part of agriculture and the health of the whole world. Investing wisely in a proper irrigation system can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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