Every year the construction industry produces a mammoth amount of solid waste at frequently visited work sites. These are mostly unused building materials that aren’t properly disposed of at construction sites when most of these are qualified to be recycled and even reused. And so, while it is neglected, it has become a huge growing problem day after day. Here are tips on how to minimize your contributions towards better building waste management plan and practices:

  • Minimise Unnecessary Packaging

Much of the construction waste of building projects are produced by cardboard alone. While it is necessary to keep things protected, especially fragile items like sanitary ware, it should be noted that excessive and unnecessary packaging products happen because of failing to reevaluate proper packaging rules by the suppliers. When re-evaluations are done by the company, packaging loads are reduced and so cost is also reduced which in turn saves a lot of effort on freight charges.

  • Donate

There are many instances where your local  rubbish removal Manchester  can help you with sorting construction waste out according to donation sites. You could look up for any charity projects that are willing to accept your contributions of extra materials and other items that can be used for their building. You can also donate any extra doors, windows, ladders, wood, fixtures, and hardware that you feel as extras and not necessary. This can also give you good publicity for your company or business.

  • Recycle

Those materials that are still in good condition need to be recycled especially at construction worksites. Making employees aware of your organized recycle bin system will help minimize the sorting out work that will accumulate if neglected at the dumpster backyard. For instance, if workers start to throw paper trash together with their lunch meals all in the same trash bin, it will be hard to sort out later. Sometimes, those thrown paper could have been recycled for other purposes.

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