While both tree lopping and tree pruning are essential to tree care practices that involve trimming, the two have distinct differences. They are done for different reasons, at different times, and the methods, as well as the tools used, vary. This article discusses the key distinctions between the two at an in-depth level, so you know exactly what you need before contacting professional Perth Tree Loppers for assistance.

Tree Lopping

Treelopping refers to the removal of sizeable branches or sections of a tree. It is usually done with the intention of modifying the size, mostly reducing size, and the process involves vertical cuts. Trees are lopped for various reasons. For a start, you can enlist tree lopping services if trees in your yard have grown out of control or are interfering with cable lines. You can also lop trees to prepare for extreme weather conditions such as storms, which can cause tree branches to fall and damage property. Tall trees are not as stable during such conditions, so for safety, you may have to reduce their size.

When lopping, branches are carefully cut in a manner that encourages growth in a certain direction, so the practice can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Lopping is mostly done twice in a year or only when trees grow to heights beyond which you’d like them to. This is because if it is overdone, it will lead to the creation of wounds on the tree that is great breeding spots for decay-causing organisms. Additionally, removing too many leaves opens the bark to sunburns and may inhibit the tree from getting the adequate nutrients it needs to grow.  Tools used include manual shears, gas-powered clippers, and electric shears.

Tree Pruning

Tree running is the most popular tree care practice. It entails the selective removal of unwanted fragments of a tree. Pruning is done for many reasons as well. These include but are not limited to improving health, removing deadwood, which adds unnecessary weight, protecting against diseases and infections, increasing fruit yield, improving flower quality, and reducing the risk of branches falling.

 It gets rid of parts that are not essential growth points. Unlike lopping, pruning features minor works such as cutting off small branches or shearing water sprouts. It is an annual process that can be done even after every blooming cycle. Tools commonly used in the practice are hand and lopping shears.

Both tree pruning and popping are important. They facilitate better plant health, protect trees from infections or manage diseased trees, safeguard people, and property in your compound, and improve appearance. It is, however, essential to note that while doing the two yourself might seem cheaper, should you make any mistake, your trees could be affected for life. It is therefore wise to get help from experts in the field. Not only will they bring in experience and expertise, but they will also conduct the procedures following the procedures stipulated by the Australian Standards 4373-2007.

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